The drive to climb up, to pursue a career, to strive for success and make an effort to achieve this.

makes an effort to learn and develop
learns from successful people
has a sufficient amount of energy
draws his/her own career plan and acts accordingly

works hard and wants to achieve in his/her position
looks for possibilities to achieve visible successes
positions him/herself based on expert quality
develops his expertise furhter through training or study

explores his/her possibilities within the organization
takes on responsibilities and takes up extra work
is not satisfied with a situation in which few opportunities for promotion arise
builds a network within and outside of the organization in order to expand his/her career opportunities
has clear personal objectives

is engaged in several committees, organizations and/or boards
looks beyond his/her own organization
represents the organization in relevant networks
is actively interested in his/her organization and its surroundings
actively recognizes opportunities for further development of the organization's profile

Ambition can be easily developed if the candidate has a more than average score (7,8,9) on the drives Ambition & challenges, Energy & action and Persistence.

Could you give an example that shows how important money is to you?
Have you planned your personal career? How does your current position fit in?
When are you satisfied with your work? What are your standards?
How did you shape your career so far? Why did you want your current position and how did you get there?
Why do / did you want this / that position? What have you done to acquire it?

Try to see a problem as a challenge.
Find out what your real ambitions are.
Brainstorm with ‘commercial’ colleagues on possibilities of making the organization more successful.
Do not hesitate when an opportunity arises.
Set goals for yourself with your superior in order to achieve more.

Figure out what your candidate's standards for his own accomplishments are. Is he more ambitious in certain kinds of work than in others? In what kinds of work? Ask him to find out how he could engage more in that kind of work.
Ask your candidate to think about opportunities for himself and ask how these could be realized.
Discuss your candidate’s personal future goals. Confront him, when necessary, with a lack of ambition and ask where it comes from.
Make sure your candidate is engaged in work in which he is successful; this might encourage the person to achieve more.
Review what kind of work brings out ambition in the candidate most and least. Discuss these differences and try to figure out where they come from.
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